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Grande-Terre Cities

Cities in Guadeloupe

Saint-François has modern and diverse touristic infrastructure, including a golf course, an aerodrome, a casino, and a marina from which many cruise ships depart…

  • Region : Grande- terre
  • Activities available :  Boat tour- spa - Golf - Casino - Boart rental - fish - diving - Snorkelling - Kite surf - Kayak - Quad - Paddle - Local tour - Hang-gliding - parachuting - 4x4 hiking - Hobbie cat - jetski

Formerly the capital of Guadeloupe, Le Moule is one of the oldest communes of the archipelago. Opposite the Atlantic Ocean, its boulevard on the sea front is exceptional. The imposing, translucid ocean waves delight the…

  • Activities available : Surf - Paragliding - local tour - Canoe - Kite surf -Snorkelling

Popular for its long, white-sand beaches, which are more or less wild or laid out with turquoise, crystalline waters, Sainte-Anne is a much visited commune in Guadeloupe. You go from one end to the other by going along its…

  • Region : Grande-terre
  • Activities available :

    Tour - kitesurf - sail - Sailboard - Fishing - diving - paddle- jetski - kayak

Port-Louis, located in the northwest of Grande Terre, is a peaceful fishing community. Tourists who go to the north of Grande Terre discover the real Guadeloupe…

  • Activities available :

    local tour - Diving - Mangrove Tour - Surfing - tour of nature 

Pointe-à-Pitre is the capital of Guadeloupe and is located in the center of the island. It is open on the Caribbean Sea and connects the two butterfly wings that form Guadeloupe. It is where global transatlantic events come to...

  • Activities available :

    Local tour - Museum - wildlife tour - Boat rental - jet ski - Boat tour 

Located in the North of Grande-Terre, Petit-Canal is one of the only communes in Guadeloupe, along with Anse-Bertrand, to be bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Caribbean Sea to the West. Marked by history, Petit Canal shows its bruises...

  • Region : Grande - Terre
  • Activities available :

    Mangrove tour -  Glass-bottomed boat - garden - local tour

Morne-À-l'Eau is a small commune in Grande-Terre on the crossroads. Connection between the North and South of Grande-Terre, and it is on the Basse-Terre road. It is in the heart of deep Guadeloupe and has an unconventional cemetery…

  • Activities available :

    Local tour - Kayak - Museum 

Les Abymes is the most populated commune in Guadeloupe. It is located in the North of Grande-Terre, borders Pointe-à-Pitre, and is part of the pointois agglomeration. Even though it is highly populated, it still has many tourist attractions, including, among others…

  • Region : Grande- terre
  • Activities available :

    Underwater Fishing -  Local tour - Quad - Bike - Canyoning - boat rental - Snorkeling - Kayak

The flagship city of Le Gosier is one of the main tourist destinations in Guadeloupe. Its picturesque town overlooks the ocean and the lovely Gosier islet. It borders the capital, Pointe-à-Pitre, Le Gosier…

  • Region : Grande Terre

Even though Anse-Bertrand is peaceful and focused on fishing, it is a big tourist attraction nonetheless. Formerly a land for making cotton and growing sugar cane, Anse-Bertrand is located in the North end…

  • Region : Grande -Terre
  • Activities available :

    Local tours - Diving