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There is no better way to describe this trip than to summarize the many comments that are posted regularly: “We have had a wonderful day and have learned a lot” , “Vincent knows how to share his passion for the mangrove and for history”, “The meal was massive and very, very good”, “Vincent, a very good educator, commented on this trip in the mangrove and the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin majestically”, “A magical and relaxing day”, “Enlightening and friendly day on a heavenly island”. There you go! All that you need to do now is go spend an amazing day in the company of Vincent and Alberte. 

"I am a resident of Guadeloupe and I will continue to come here with other friends. It is a lot better than the other excursions at St François…  It is to be done with your eyes shut for tranquillity, but open so you can see the amazing sights."

O. Quenet

  • Place of departure : Morne à l'eau
  • Day excursion price : 65€
  • Half-day excursion price: 35€

Nicard is guaranteed to welcome you every morning with a smile that does not leave his face all day. This is also the time to appreciate all of the lovely meals that he cooks himself with 3 magic words: freshness, generosity, and flavors! Nicard is also an experienced fisherman who will take good care of you on his traditional saintoise during the journey to Petite Terre. He is a volunteer for the Petite Terre preservation association and is a human encyclopedia full of information that he loves sharing.

“An opportunity not to be missed"

M. Dumaire

Designed especially for cruise passengers, this half-day is tailor-made for discovering the island of Guadeloupe, starting from the terminal. Your local guide will take you the heart of his country: typical port, wonderful beaches, swimming in the crystal clear seas or rivers, wildlife and plants, guadeloupean charm and culture.

"Extraordinary day in the company of Georgette. Don’t hesitate to go on trips with her."

I. Rosenfelder

  • Place pf departure : Terminal de croisière
  • Price starting from : 48€/pers
  • At least: 2
  • Availability : Every days

The Grand-Cul-de-Sac-Marin is something in Guadeloupe that you must discover. One of the biggest lagoons in the Caribbean, with its 23km-long coral reef, is very near the wharf! So come discover it by getting on our boats on the Pointe-à-Pitre dock for an all-inclusive day with a local meal, snorkeling in the reef, turquoise sea, heavenly islets, mangrove, wildlife, plants…


"Thank you for a great time that was a change from the norm. A little piece of heaven on Earth!!!"

L. Nankou

  • Place of departure: Près du terminal de croisière
  • Price starting from: 75€
  • At least : 2
  • Availability : Every days

Skydiving is often picked on ICIGO as a present. The photo speaks for itself. Unbelievable happiness, intense joy! The happy people receiving this present are happy to have gone for it, to live the unique! They jump safely with their qualified instructor and after 35 seconds of free falling, they fly above wonderful landscapes.

"Just extraordinary! The view, the jump, the staff! A real pleasure! I want to do it over and over again!"


  • Place of departure : Saint-François
  • Price starting from: 260€
  • At least: 1
  • Availability : Every days

Original and the stuff of dreams, many of our customers choose this present for their loved ones. What better than to offer them something extraordinary, magical and thrilling?! This present has many assets. The lucky person will have a 180° view of the wonderful landscapes, feel exhilarating thrills, and come back down in awe.

"Great welcome and just magical!!!"


  • Place of departure : Saint-François
  • Price starting from: 50€
  • At least : 1
  • Availability : Every days

Leaving Guadeloupe without visiting the Old Lady would be a huge mistake! Whether you are passionate or simply curious, nature lovers and eager to discover the volcanology in Guadeloupe, the hike at La Soufrière is for you! Set off from Saint-Claude with professionals and go on a guided hike to a height of 500m on the “explosive” volcano.

"We are delighted with your hike on la Soufrière! Xavier is a very nice guides who shares his passion for the island and volcano with us. Very, very good memory, don’t hesitate, sign up!"

V. Gosselin

  • Place of departure : Saint-François
  • Price: 35€
  • At least : 2
  • Availability : Every days

Go on a day of adventure and relaxation with the family or your friends in the heart of the mangrove, with snorkeling and maybe a BBQ on a heavenly beach. You will go on hybrid trimarans that have two propulsion systems (pedals and sail) on the ultimate ecological trip. A concept that can only be found in France and that can be learned in just a few minutes.

"Thank you, Eric, for this amazing day, marvelos landscapes, the boats are perfectly suited to the environment and it is very easy to maneuver. We will come back!"

F. Lalonde

  • Place of departure : Petit Canal
  • Adult price without meal : 60€
  • Child price without meal : 49€
  • At least : 2
  • Availability: Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri

Starting from 50€, you combine amazement and thrills going from one to the other with the gyroplane! You go up there to get a 180° view of the wonderful setting and you feel a strong sense of freedom and fullness. This incredible 2 seat device (the pilot and you) is surprisingly stable. You will discover all of Guadeloupe’s beauty like a bird.

"Great and sensational, it is something that must be done"

N. Moresmau

  • Place of departure: Saint-François
  • Price starting from : 50€
  • At least : 1
  • Availability : Every days

1,2,3… jump! Simple or VIP tandem jump from an altitude of 3,000 meters with a certified instructor. Discover all of the thrills of skydiving safely in an exceptional setting. Fly over the St-François lagoon and la Pointe des Châteaux on a plane, jump, free fall for 35 seconds and open the parachute and fly for 10 minutes. Well done, you did it! The proof is on video!

"Just extraordinary! The view, the jump, the staff! A real pleasure! I want to do it over and over again!"

M. Thominet

  • Place of departure : Saint-François
  • Price starting from: 260€
  • At least : 1
  • Availability: Every days
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