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You can navigate as a captain on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and steer your own ship thanks to our boat rental base. Discover the Saintes or the Cousteau Reserve on board different models that can hold 6 to 10 people.

  • Location : Basse-Terre
  • Adult price : 220€

Rental of 8-, 11-, and 14-seat, semi-rigid boats from Saint-François 5 days a week to get to the Petite Terre nature reserve. Take advantage of very well-equipped and wonderfully maintained boats. As well as Petite Terre, you can also take these boats to go to La Désirade, discover the coast, go to Gosier or îlet Caret, and go fishing at sea.

  • Location : Saint-François
  • Adult price : 250€
  • Every days

Book this nice, 7-seat pleasure boat for the day or longer for a stroll on the sea or to fish.

  • Location : Saint-François
  • Adult price : 190€
  • Tue-Wed-Thu-Sat-Sun

Rental of 6-, 10-, and 13-seat, semi-rigid boats from the Saint-François marina. 3 boats in great condition to discover the islets… There are three boats in great condition to choose from to discover the islets of Guadeloupe with no restrictions, go and visit the coast or go fishing. Your experience and years of offering perfectly-equipped boats to get to La Désirade, Marie-Galante, Gosier, or îlet Caret undoubtedly make the difference when it comes to spending a carefree day.

  • Location : Saint-François
  • Adult price : 445€
  • Every days

This service is located in Basse Terre, we offer you several engine-powered boats to rent from the Rivière Sens Marina. Rental for the day… Day-, weekend-, or week-long rentals to sail to the Saintes archipelago or on Côte-sous-le-vent.

  • Location : Basse-Terre
  • Adult price : 150€
  • Every days