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Grande-Terre Cities

Petit Canal

  • Population : 8022 inhabitants
  • Distance to airport : 20 km - 22 min
  • Icigo service providers : 4


Located in the North of Grande-Terre, Petit-Canal is one of the only communes in Guadeloupe, along with Anse-Bertrand, to be bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Caribbean Sea to the West. Marked by history, Petit Canal shows its bruises through monuments and historic locations and is not devoid of natural treasures.

Main attractions

Marches des esclaves

  • Glass-bottomed boat trip
  • Visit of the Mangrove
  • Ilet Blanc-Rousseau
  • Ilet aux Oiseaux
  • The canal des Rotours
  • La Pointe des Sables
  • La vie d’antan Museum
  • The Marches des Esclaves (Slave markets)
  • The wharf
  • The Maison de l'Environnement
  • Landscaped park
  • The Beautiran trail

Petit Canal activity details

This place is marked by history, it was on these shores that the slaves were offloaded from Africa during the darkest times in Guadeloupe’s history. A set of 49 cut stone steps, built by the slaves takes you up to the church’s forecourt, a sales location. The old wharf is now a fishing harbor.

The maison de l'environnement offers trips in the mangrove. You will discover more than 300 species of Grande-Terre’s indigenous plants in a remarkable landscaped park, 50 of which are used for medicinal purposes. You will also be able to go back in time in an art and popular traditions museum.

Local entertainment

  • Petit Canal festival - Saint Philipp/Saint Jacques - (May 3))



  • Plage anse maurice

Additional information

Discover the mangrove, the lagoon, the coral reef, and the Grand-Cul-De-Sac-Marin’s islets for a day or half-day on a glass-bottomed boat, with fins, mask, and snorkel provided. The activity will be supervised by a diving instructor and biologist.

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