Couple aux salines

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For two, what better way to share the beauty of the Cousteau reserve, during a baptism, a diving exploration or thanks to the whole new activity of underwater walk. Unique in France, this immersion of twenty minutes will allow you to train your half in a memorable waltz. All you have to do is visit the Saintes for its bay, the Islet Caret for its charm, the Désirade for its tranquility and Petite Terre for its fauna and flora to complete a couple holidays without the shadow of a cloud.


Going to Petite Terre as a couple is amazing! A heavenly beach, a delightful, small, turquoise lagoon where you can go seawalking as a couple. You will see turtles, rays, small and harmless lemon sharks, and exotic fish there. You can also go for a little stroll at the foot of the lighthouse, have a nice aperitif and meal followed by an afternoon of farniente on white sand… are you tempted?

"We are delighted and will come back to you in the future. Superb reception, organization and meal."

G. Neuvy

  • Place of departure : Saint-François
  • Price starting from: 68€
  • At least : 1 person
  • Availability : Every days

What is more romantic than discovering a majestic, turquoise stretch of water scattered with islets as a couple! One of them is covered by a shack for fishermen, the others are just stretches of sand decorated with coconuts or even mangroves and birds… Come and pretend to be Robinson for the day with an all-inclusive package! It is just magical!

"We have had a wonderful day, great for young children and a skipper who listens to. We must do this again, thank you again."

J. Roulin

  • Place of departure: Saint-François, Sainte-Anne, Gosier, Sainte-Rose
  • Price starting from : 35€
  • At least : 1
  • Availability : Every days

Les Saintes is lovers’ island… if you aren’t in love yet, you will be! If you are already in love, you will be even more so! A wonder, a delight, a jewel, a beautiful spot. Charming, calm and peaceful… the Saintes archipelago is waiting for you to make your eyes shine like stars. Plains, beaches, coves, special light, small multicolored houses…

  • Place of departure: Saint-François, Gosier
  • Price starting from : 85€
  • At least : 1
  • Availability : Every days

What better way to share your emotions and amazement as a couple than to go scuba diving with professionals in an area in Bouillante that is held in high regard by commander Cousteau. You can see as many exotic fish as can be, great and surprising plants. From a simple diving baptism to exploration dives of all kinds, grow as a couple in another dimension.

  • Place of departure: Bouillante
  • Starting from : 47€
  • At least : 1 person
  • Availability : Every days