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Désirade Day Tour

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Discover The beauty of La Désirade on a Saintoise and with Nicard, a fisherman in good mood which cross waters since 20 years.

  • Location : Saint-François
  • Adult price : 95€
  • Child price : 80€
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A traditional saintoise with 2 150-horsepower engines and a fisherman who is as friendly as he is professional will make you have the most amazing day at la Désirade and Petite Terre. You will get to the coast of la Désirade calmly to visit one a charming village, before getting a BBQ on the Plage du Souffleur. Traditional BBQ meal made and shared with this sea aficionado’s passion.

  • Activity : Petite-Terre tour
  • Location : Saint-François
  • Adult price : 105€
  • Child price : 80€
  • Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
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Go and discover la Désirade in a speedboat with 3 300-horsepower engines. You will get a tour of the island, a barbecue meal on the beach and then go to Petite Terre to go for a swim and discover the turtles, rays, and, for the lucky ones, dolphins.
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  • Activity : La désirade Tour
  • Location : Saint-François
  • Adult price : 100€
  • Child price : 90€
  • Wednesday to Sunday