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Enfant 75€


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24 août 2020
Excursion très sympa ! Visite de la réserve naturelle, dejeuner les pieds dans l’eau a l’ilet la Biche et chill a l’ilet caret ! Spots magnifiques ! Repas excellent ! Niveau ambiance, le guide peut mieux faire, il faut être davantage présent et animer la sortie ! Manque de peps antillais ! La Musique rock pas au goût de tous... il faut varier et s’adapter à l’âge du groupe ? Sinon rien à dire super journée !

A. Egea
17 août 2020
Merci nico pour tout ce que tu nous a apprit ton hospitalité et la qualité du repas o top

Single persons

3 activities selected by ICIGO particularly suitable for solo travelers. With the gyroplane, escape for an explosion of colors at 180 degrees. A jet ski of 1100cc to unwind unless the catch of a tuna, or even better a marlin, is the discovery of your stay. But do not stop at these few suggestions. Many visits to islands and islets (Petite Terre, Caret, Marie-Galante ...) or multiple excursions on Grande Terre and Basse Terre, in more or less great committee, will also enchant you.


Fly over Guadeloupe on this incredible 2-seat (the pilot and you) machine. It is an astonishingly stable machine that takes off and gains altitude smoothly. You will discover all of Guadeloupe’s beauty unrestricted. An exhilarating and magnificent experience starting from just 50€ pour 15 minutes above the Saint-François lagoon.

"Great and sensational, it is something that must be done"

N. Moresmau

  • Place of departure:Saint-François
  • Price starting from:50€
  • At least :1 person
  • Availability:Every days

If you like the sea and adrenaline rushes, then deep-sea fishing is for you. Test yourself against tuna, kingfish, bream and marlins that inhabit our warm waters in small groups of 3 fishermen at most. This activity is available all year long in Saint-François and Bouillante and you will be accompanied by fishermen or professional trollers.

  • Place of departure : Saint-François, Bouillante
  • Starting from : 160€
  • At least : 2
  • Availability : Every days

This is the ideal water activity and it will only take a few minutes to quench your thirst for thrills. Take advantage of the right sailing conditions to use the Jet ski at all times under the supervision of a certified instructor.

"I really enjoyed it and the teacher was very cool, I need to do it again. Thank you."

V. Foucault

  • Place of departure : Saint-François
  • Price starting from : 50€
  • At least : 1 person
  • Availability : Every days