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Basse-Terre Cities


  • Population : 7 513 inhabitants
  • Distance to airport : 50 km - 48 min
  • Icigo service providers : 32


We could call Bouillante "the green," as it so focused on ecology. Between the Caribbean Sea and the volcanic mountains, Bouillante has many attractions for tourists that are itching to see nature. Bouillante is world-renowned for its underwater diving. Many hikes go through or are accessible via Bouillante and are part of the National Park.

Main attractions

Mairie de Bouillante

  • Beaches
  • Exceptional sea floors
  • Cousteau Reserve
  • Les ilets Pigeon
  • Amusement parks
  • Parc des mamelles - zoo
  • Warm-water springs and pools
  • Rivers and waterfalls

Bouillante activity details

The Caribbean Sea borders la côte-sous-le-vent and offers multiple activities. The most popular activities in Bouillante are underwater diving, tours, sea kayaking, boat trips, watching cetaceans, and big-game fishing. Les ilets Pigeon, known worldwide by divers because of the Cousteau Reserve, are at the heart of the Guadeloupe National Park. There are also a lot of things to do on land in Bouillante, with its rural trips and discoveries. You can go canyoning, seawalking, or hiking. Volcanic mountains offer great strolls and hikes which are full of exotic surprises, plants and animals. Choosing an experienced guide is the best way to safely admire these secret animals and plants.

Local entertainment

  • Carnival procession and election of the king and queen of the carnival (February)
  • Craft fair (February)
  • Bouillante festival (Saint Louis - August)



  • Plage de Malendure
  • Plage petite anse
  • Plage anse à sable
  • Plage de l'anse thomas

Additional information

Bouillante is one of the global destinations for demanding divers. The Parc des Mamelles is also a must-see attraction for wildlife and plant lovers.

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