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Children 45€


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Package including ferry, transport, meal, and swim in the Saintes


All included


Children 45€


  • Activity:

    Les Saintes Tour
  • Location:

    Pointe à Pitre, Saint-François, Trois-Rivières
  • Duration:

    8:00 to 9:00
  • Departure:

    7:00, 8:15, 9:00
  • Adult price : 65€
  • Child price : 45€
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You will receive a safe crossing on board boats that can hold up to over 100 passengers from St-François, Pointe à Pitre, or Trois Rivières. Once you have arrived at the Saintes, you will get on your minibus from 9:00 in front of the town’s pharmacy for a full day, with meal and transport included. The first thing that you will do is go to the Fort Napoléon (5€ entry fee for the museum not included), go to the Pompierre beach, and then go to the restaurant for your meal. In the afternoon, you can go swim or lounge on the deckchairs facing the bay and then go for a stroll in the charming town of Terre de Haut before going back.


Key points

Table repas sur la baie des saintes

  • Comfortable and safe navigation
  • Several days of the week from 3 cities
  • Transport to beaches and Fort Napoléon included
  • Good balance between visiting, tasting a nice meal, and farniente
  • Excellent value for money
  • Parking at the ferry terminals (paid at Trois Rivières: 5€)

Activity details

Meet up at the nearest ferry terminal: From Saint-François, embark on an hour-and-a-half-long crossing (including a ten-minute stop at Marie-Galante) to get to the wonderful Saintes bay. From Pointe à Pitre, the direct trip takes 50 minutes to an hour (2 to 3 times per week). From Trois Rivières, the crossing takes 15 to 20 minutes and is done several times a day.

Repas restaurant bord de mer

When you arrive at Terre de Haut, in the Saintes, you will meet up with the driver who will take you to the restaurant at midday. You will get on your minibus minibus from 9:00 in front of the town’s pharmacy. The driver will take you to Fort Napoléon to enjoy the sights and/or visit the museum (5€ entry fee). There, you will discover the history of the Saintes, its culture, and certain aspects of the general Guadeloupian culture.

Fort Napoléon

Your second trip will start an hour later; you will be going to the magnificent Pompierre beach for an hour of relaxation or swimming. The last trip will be to the restaurant in the small town of Terre du Haut. The trip will be followed by the meal, with a local welcome drink in a heavenly setting to start it off. You can sit down on the terrace or in the restaurant, unless you would prefer to go for a quick dive from the restaurant’s dock.

Snorkeling baie des Saintes

Meal consisting of a shellfish starter, a local specialty (even the children ask for more), then a plate of grilled fish or chicken for the main course, with a side dish of vegetables and salad. The whole meal is served with wine and water. For dessert, a delicious coconut flan, followed by a coffee to be tasted in the Saintes bay.

After the meal, you will get to enjoy the deckchairs for a little siesta, go for a dip in the bay’s crystalline waters, or watch the swarms of little fish as shiny as the gray sand is sparkling.

Plage de pompierre

You will have a bit of time to go on one last tour of the town of Terre de Haut before getting back on the boat and saying goodbye to this little haven.

Grilled fish or chicken meal::

  • Choice of aperitif: juice, planteur, ti-punch
  • Shellfish starter
  • Grilled fish or grilled chicken
  • Side dish of vegetables and sauce chien (dog sauce)
  • Coconut flan
  • Water, wine, and coffee included



  • Transport to Les Saintes
  • Transport to fort Napoléon (5€ entry fee for the museum not included)
  • Transport to the Pompierre beach
  • Transport to the restaurant
  • Aperitif and meal (Starter, main course, dessert)
  • Deckchairs (depending on availability)

What to bring

  • Sun protection
  • Beach towel
  • Camera
  • Shades
  • Mask and snorkel
  • Shoes or espadrilles for the land part of the visit

Additional information

Departure from the St-François ferry terminal : meet up at 6:20 to get your tickets and proceed to boarding – Tickets for babies (under 2) cost 15€ and must be paid for at the counter upon presentation of proof of identity. Meet up at 8:00 – Departure at 8:30 on summer weekends.

Departure from​ the Pointe à Pitre ferry terminal: meet up at 7:30 to get your tickets and proceed to boarding. Tickets for babies (under 2) cost 10€ and must be paid for at the counter upon presentation of proof of identity.

Departure from the Trois Rivières ferry terminal: meet up at 7:45 (1st departure at 8:15) or 8:30 (2nd departure at 9:00) to get your tickets and proceed to boarding. Tickets for babies are free.

WARNING! The boats get to the island one after another, the trip to Fort Napoléon will start between 9:00 and 9:30 at the latest. (This gives you time to stroll or get a nice breakfast with a view of the bay).

2 people minimum per booking - 4 people minimum on Sundays

Accepted payment methods at the restaurant: cash, credit card, check


Map and Schedule

Excursion every day  


  • Meet-up times (to depart on the boat 30 minutes later): St-François 6:20 (8:00 on summer weekends) / PAP meet up at 7:30 / 3 Rivières 7:45 or 8:30
  • Arrival at Terre de Haut in the Saintes at 8:30 (10:00 on summer weekends) (from St-François) / 9:00 (from Pointe à Pitre) / 8:30 or 9:15 (from Trois Rivières)
  • Depending on the time that you arrive at, you will get to the minibus (after a small, 250-meter walk) at the LE KANAOA restaurant from 9:00. The minibus won’t be near the town’s pharmacy until 9:00.
  • Stop at the Fort Napoléon with a visit of the museum if you so choose (5€ entry fee)
  • Dip in the Pompierre beach
  • Midday: Aperitif followed by a meal
  • Swim and farniente
  • Shopping (if you want)
  • Board for the return trip to St-François 15:00 (16:45 on summer weekends) (arrive an hour and 30 minutes later) – Departures to PAP at 16:00 on Tuesdays (arrive an hour later), at 17:00 on Saturdays (arrive an hour later) – Departures to Trois Rivières at 15:45 and 17:00 (arrive 20 minutes later).


carte Archipel


Monday TR 7:45/8:30 - PAP 7:30 (ETE)

Tuesday SF 6:20 - PAP 7:30 - TR 7:45/8:30 - 

Wednesday SF 6:20 - TR 7:45/8:30

Thursday SF 6:20 - TR 7:45/8:30 - PAP 7:30 (ETE)

Friday SF 6:20 - TR 7:45/8:30

Saturday SF 6:20 (ANNEE) / 8:00 (ETE) - PAP 7:30 (ANNEE) - TR 7:45/8:30

Sunday SF 6:20 (ANNEE) / 8:00 (ETE)- TR 7:45/8:30

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