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Les Saintes "À la carte" package


Starting from


Children 49€

  • Activity:

    Les Saintes Tour
  • Location:

    Pointe à Pitre, Saint-François, Trois-Rivières
  • Duration:

    8:00 to 9:00
  • Departure:

    7:00, 8:00, 8:15, 9:00
  • Adult price : 69€
  • Child price : 49€
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Discover the inescapable bay of the Saintes with our “à la carte” package with its choice of activities! You can go on a tour of the Fort Napoléon (entry 5€), a guided tour of the island on a minibus, an optional trip on a glass-bottomed kayak (10€), a stroll on the beach, or a walk in the town of Terre de Haut in the morning. This will be followed by your meal in a restaurant on the seashore, opposite the bay. In the afternoon, you can just swim, start to learn how to paddle board (10€) or kayak (10€), or wander around in the town’s renowned shops. À la carte, between friends or as a family, everyone can choose their activities and enjoy the best day ever.

Bandeau plages des saintes


Key points

Vincent - guide aux Saintes

  • Extraordinary location classified by UNESCO
  • Warm reception from the guide
  • Full day: culture, sport, nature, tasting, farniente
  • Safe and comfortable crossing
  • Restaurant near the town and water activity locations
  • Excellent value for money

Activity details

Classified by UNESCO, the Saintes bay is one of the main tourist attractions in Guadeloupe. You will get to Terre de Haut in an hour and 30 minutes from Saint-François (stop for a few minutes at Marie-Galante), in 50 minutes to an hour (2 to 3 times per week) from Pointe à Pitre, and just 15 to 20 minutes from Trois Rivières (several times a day).

Vues du restaurant couleurs du monde

When you get to the pier in Terre de Haut, your guide will greet you in the main square, in front of the Tourist Office. WARNING! The activities with your guide will start between 8:30 and later depending on when the other boats arrive and on the minibus’ occupancy rates. You will get to stroll in the charming town with its lovely shops or go for a spot of breakfast with a view of the bay: Magical! You will join the 8- to 9-person group at the meeting time that the guide will have given you. He will then drive you to the heights of Terre de Haut, to the “Fort Napoléon” museum (5€ entry fee not included). This will take you deep into the Saintes’ history, as well Guadeloupe’s history. You will get around an hour for the tour and to take advantage of the breathtaking view of the bay from the fort’s gardens.

facade du fort Napoléon

This will be followed by an hour-long tour through the town’s narrow roads and then along the seashore. Your guide will describe the locations while telling you about the stories and traditions of the island. You will then have the choice to either get on board a glass-bottomed kayak (10€) or simply go for a dip in the wonderful Saintes bay.

At around midday, the restaurant will open its doors for the aperitif consisting of a fruit juice or planteur with some accras. The aperitif will be followed by a succulent plate of fish (exotic sauce) with a side dish of rice and fresh vegetables... Finally, to end the meal with finesse, you will get an ice cream with its whipped cream, with hints of the islands’ sweet fragrances, for dessert. Drinks, water and a glass of wine (red, rosé, or white) included. After the meal, you are free to choose between doing or redoing a water activity (Paddleboard or kayak 10€/hour) or opt for farniente on the beach, swimming, or visiting the town (its church, its shops, ...). You will finally get back to the pier nearby to go back to the port you came from with the feeling that you got to enjoy this exceptional location fully.


Repas restaurant couleurs du mode

Fish meal::

  • Aperitif (juice or planteur) with welcome accras
  • Grilled fish, rice, vegetables, and delicious exotic sauce
  • Whipped ice cream
  • Water, wine (white, rosé, red)


  • Transport to Les Saintess
  • Transport to fort Napoléon (5€ entry fee for the museum not included)
  • Very pleasant guided minibus tour (1h)
  • Stop in the town near the glass-bottomed kayaks (10€/h not included)
  • Aperitif and meal

What to bring

  • Sun protection
  • Beach clothes
  • Spare clothes
  • Camera
  • Shades
  • Mask, fins, and snorkel


Additional information

WARNING! The boats get to the island one after another, the activities with your guide will start between 8:30 and later, when the whole 8- or 9-person group for the day will have arrived.

Departure from the St-François ferry terminal: : meet up at 6:20 (THE WHOLE YEAR) to get your prepaid tickets and proceed to boarding. Arrival at the Saintes at 8:30. WARNING WEEKEND (SUMMER): meet up at 8:00 and depart at 8:30.

Departure from the Pointe à Pitre ferry terminal: meet up at 7:30 to get your prepaid tickets and proceed to boarding. Arrival at the Saintes at 9:00.

Departure from the Trois Rivières ferry terminal: meet up at 7:45 (first departure) to get your prepaid tickets and proceed to boarding. Arrival at the Saintes at 8:35.

2 people minimum per booking – Trip confirmed as soon as 4 people have booked

Map and Schedule


  • Meet up time (for departure on the boat 30 minutes later): St-François 6:20 (THE WHOLE YEAR) - 8:00 on weekends only (SUMMER) / PAP  7:30 / 3 Rivières 7:45
  • Arrival at Terre de Haut in the Saintes at 8:30 (de St-François) / 9:00 (from PAP) / 8:30 (from 3 Rivières)
  • Welcoming from your guide and transport to Fort Napoléon (5€ entry fee) - 1:00 -
  • Guided tour of the island on a minibus - 1:00 -
  • Choice between a trip on a glass-bottomed kayak (10€) - 1:00 - or farniente on the beach
  • Aperitif and dinner on the seashore
  • Farniente, swim, shopping or visit of the town
  • Boarding for the return trip: For St-François 15:00 or 15:30 – arrival at 17:15 / For PAP on Tuesdays 16:00 (Arrival at 17h) and on Saturdays 17:00 – arrival at 18:00 / For 3 Rivières 15:45 and 17:00 – arrival at 16:05 and 17:20


carte Archipel


Tuesday SF 6:20 - PAP 7:30 ( YEAR AND SUMMER ) - 3R 7:45

Wednesday SF 6:20 - 3R 7:45

Friday SF 6:20 - 3R 7:45

Saturday SF 6:20 (YEAR) - only 8:00 (Week-end SUMMER)- PAP 7:30 (YEAR) - 3R 7:45  

Sunday SF 6:20 (YEAR) - only 8:00 (Week-end SUMMER) - 3R 7:45

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