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Children 59€


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BBQ - Beach - Mangrove and lagoon in a hybrid trimaran


All included


Children 59€


  • Activity:

    Mangrove tour
  • Location:

    Petit Canal
  • Duration:

  • Departure:

  • Adult price : 89€
  • Child price : 59€
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A day of adventure and relaxation with the family or with friends. The mangrove, a BBQ on a heavenly beach, snorkeling, and the pleasure of sailing with these fabulous, 2-seat hybrid trimarans with steppers (new pedal system to move slowly in the mangrove). They are very easy to use and will delight the children, as well as the adults. It is an ideal ecotourism activity and a tailor-made schedule for a day full of surprises.

Key points

Apéritif jus et fruits les pieds dans l'eau

  • Only concept and activity of its kind in Guadeloupe
  • Small group of up to 8 people
  • Thoughtful and passionate instructor who owns the trimarans
  • Ideal ecotourism activity
  • No particular training or ability needed to pilot the trimarans
  • Open to everybody including persons with reduced mobility (approved by handivoile)
  • All-inclusive package with BBQ on the beach
  • Stability of the trimarans thanks to the 3 floats

Activity details

There is nothing better than spending a day on the water freely thanks to boats specially designed to adjust to every type of person, no matter their comfort with the sea or their level of sailing. They are so easy to use that it only takes a few minutes to master the basics of these weird devices! These trimarans, which have a new foot-operated propulsion system (the "Stepper") and a furling sail, are fluid and elegant on the water, and are perfectly suited to touring the mangrove and the islets of the grand cul-de-sac marin.

Dauphins devant le kayak à voile

Even though the basics of sailing are simplified, Eric, your instructor, will always be near you. He will be there to guide you and fix any wrong maneuver. Don’t worry, you are in the hands of a professional!

Pause plage

You will set off from the river and go along the dock of the Petit Canal harbor to get to île aux oiseaux (a particular “reef,” born from Hurricane Marilyn in 1996) at your own pace. If you are a bit reckless, when accelerating, you will quickly get a gliding feeling that these light boats get. The most careful people will stay at a pace that suits them and will therefore be able to enjoy the wonderful landscapes that the grand cul-de-sac marin offers to its visitors here to the fullest.

You will then go to some amazing beaches on the way to Port-Louis. Eric will explain the points of interest and the historic events that occurred on these coasts during the trip. If the swell allows it, Eric will take you to a coral reef leaned against the coast. There, you will be able to admire the particularly intense underwater activity. Fins, masks, and snorkels will be provided so you can enjoy the location more.

Lagon vert emeraude

It will then be time to have the aperitif and the BBQ on the beach with the Bivouac package (there is also a formula available without a meal). You will be comfortable on a thick and insulating cover made of PVC. Fish or chicken Colombo will be on the menu, with pumpkin gratin or other local vegetables.

You will then go for a tour of the mangrove and, if the northern swell has stopped you from doing the “coral reef” activity, you will go snorkeling in the nurseries of the mangrove, in clear waters and a surprising setting. As you approach the mangrove, you will switch to pedal propulsion so you can direct your trimaran slowly and gently in this fragile environment. Eric will provide explanations of the locations so that you don’t miss anything about the different species of animals and plants that you meet there.

Once the tour of the mangrove is over, you will go back to where you came from while enjoying the last sun rays with the reassurance of the disciplined captain. A day that is very rich in discovery which respects Mother Nature.

Groupes heureux

Summary of the day

  • Meet up at 9:15
  • Take charge of the equipment with an explanation of the main commands (simplified navigation by sailboat or pedal boat)
  • Tour of île aux oiseaux
  • Swim and BBQ on a magnificent and remote beach
  • Tour of the mangrove
  • Return between 16:00 and 16:30

Choice of meal

We offer you a choice of 2 meals. The fish meal is offered by default, but you can choose the meat meal during the booking process. Children will have a menu consisting of fruit juice, 2 chicken skewers, sweet potato gratin, and a chocolate snack.


Fish menu
  • Aperitif with creole sausages
  • 1 stuffed crab
  • Pumpkin gratin
  • Grilled snapper
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
Meat menu
  • Aperitif with creole sausages
  • 1 stuffed crab
  • Pumpkin gratin
  • Chicken Colombo
  • Fresh seasonal fruit


  • Hybrid trimaran
  • BBQ on the beach
  • Waterproof container
  • Gilet

What to bring

  • Snorkeling gear (Fins, mask, and snorkel)
  • A bottle of water per person
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Waterproof camera
  • Spare clothes

Positions kayak voile et pédalier

Additional information

Accepted payment method: cash

Children are allowed from the age of 5.

Map and Schedule

Petit Canal fishing harbor - Meet up at 9:30

Carte kayak à voile


  • Monday 9:30 - 16:00
  • Tuesday 9:30 - 16:00
  • Thursday 9:30 - 16;00
  • Friday 9:30 - 16:00



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