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Guided hike at La Soufrière


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Whether you are passionate, in love with, or are just curious about the volcanology in the Caribbean and discover it… the hike up La Soufrière is for you! From Saint-Claude, climb 500 meters up the "explosive" volcano that is still active!

This volcano is a regular tourist destination in Guadeloupe that gets 300 000 visitors per year! The 1467-meter-high “old lady” will no longer be hiding any secrets from you after an informed and passionate guide explains everything to you! Once you reach the top, your breath will be taken away, not by the effort of climbing up the volcano, but by the astonishing view! Besides a real aerial view, you will get to see the surrounding and far-away mountains, the sea, and the islands in the Les Saintes archipelago, Marie-Galante, La Désirade and further, Dominica, Martinique…

Key points


  • Reception and pick-up
  • Team of mountain professionals
  • Activity that is open to everybody, beginners and advanced
  • Family atmosphere
  • All-inclusive day with a stop to swim
  • Safety
  • Personalized and informed advice
  • Rates
  • Recommended by la-soufriere.com

Activity details


This trip up La Soufrière consists of just one path in a 4- to 5-hour-long loop. Meet up at our offices at 8:30 to set off at 9:00 at the bottom of the volcano. During the entire climb, the guide will be explaining the locations and going into great detail about the features and the role of La Soufrière in the balance of Guadeloupe all while putting into the context of volcanology in general. The exciting, relevant, and informative explanations given by the guide will improve the knowledge of the visitors who are amateurs in the subject.

Arrivée au sommet

Once you get to the top of the volcano, you are invited to watch the fumaroles and the vertiginous rifts, as well as the exceptional panorama. It will be time to get the cameras out if the clouds that come out daily in La Soufrière have not yet appeared!

The characteristic smell of the sulfur that comes out of the volcano gives an exceptional undertone to this adventure which the visitors won’t forget any time soon!

A dip in les Bains Jaunes is also on the agenda: a spring water pool heated up to about 30° by the volcano, at the bottom of La Soufrière at the very end of the hike.

Real moments of enrichment, change of scenery, and relaxation await during these 4 unforgettable hours.


  • Possibility of providing rain clothes and a backpack

What to bring

  • Bottle of water (at least 1 L per person)
  • Good hiking or trail shoes
  • Some personal belongings in waterproof bags
  • Since La Soufrière is one of the wettest locations on the planet, dress accordingly!
  • Warm and spare clothes for the trip back in the car are recommended
  • Sandwitch
  • Swimsuit
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera

Additional information

  • Since the humidity is very high at La Soufrière, beware of slips! It is a 500-meter climb and difficulty: 1/A
  • Departure: at least 2 people
  • Minimum age for children: 10 years old

Map and Schedule

Meet up at 8:20 at our sales office, which you can get to by taking the departmental road 11 at the Sainte-Claude exit (road to La Soufrière). The premises are signposted and located 950 meters away from the Saint-Claude post office.

Carte randonnée Soufrière


  • Monday 8:20 - 13:00
  • Tuesday 8:20 - 13:00
  • Wednesday 8:20 - 13:00
  • Thursday 8:20 - 13:00
  • Friday 8:20 - 13:00
  • Saturday 8:20 - 13:00
  • Sunday 8:20 - 13:00







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